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HomeSun scheme giving away and installing free solar panels

Select UK homeowners can now tap into the everlasting power of the sun, for free no less, all thanks to a new solar power giveaway scheme run by British solar power firm Homesun.

Solar for free

The problem with solar power has never been demand or, obviously, supply, but rather cost and efficiency. After all, who would say no to free round the clock electricity generated by the sun, that’s also good for the environment? But there are plenty who would say no to thousands of pounds in installation, and maintenance fees, not to mention up front costs. Thankfully, the UK firm HomeSun, together with government funding, is making it much easier to say yes to solar power. Not only are they paying for installation with zero up front costs, but the British solar company is also taking care of all maintenance for up to 25 years. Sounds like a good deal, and it definitely is for those 100,000 homeowners who qualify. Read on for the specific conditions.

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UK takes bronze in green building league

The UK has climbed to third in a global league table of green buildings, according to a major new report from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) that highlights Norway and Brazil as the two countries that have made the greatest progress towards developing a zero-carbon built environment.

The 2009 RICS Global Zero Carbon Capacity Index draws on data from the International Energy Agency to analyse the energy efficiency of households, offices and domestic transport, as well as investments in renewable energy and the development of effective policies for promoting low-carbon buildings.

The report concludes that the UK has climbed one place in the index to third, primarily as a result of policy improvements such as government targets for zero-carbon homes and introduction of the new Code for Sustainable Homes.

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Simons to build 10 new Tesco stores

Developer, Simons, has been selected to build 10 new Tesco stores across the UK, helping the supermarket giant to fulfil its carbon neutral commitments.

The £75m deal to develop 375,100 sq ft of retail space comes after Simons built three new sites for Tesco, including a new-format eco-store in Crediton, Devon.

Tesco aims to become a carbon neutral company by 2050, with sustainable and eco-friendly stores a key focus. In February the supermarket chain opened its first zero carbon store in Ramsey, Cambridgeshire.

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Green Sex Guide; Become an Eco-Sexual

You can be an eco-sexual if you embrace eco-friendly products and practices (in the bedroom) and also if you seek out others who are environmentally friendly, for the purpose of coupling (i.e. hybrid-driving SWF recycler seeks same male for a little eco-freakiness between organic cotton sheets). One or both of these criteria are required to join the latest in open-minded sexual exploits.

If you’re looking to make love in a fabulously green manner, you’re in luck. There are plenty of products available to help you along the way. To begin with, you can appoint your most intimate room in eco-friendly fabrics like organic cottons and hemp silks that are just as dreamy as those 600-thread count Egyptian cotton sheet s you’ve been lusting after (only without the pesticides, harmful manufacturing pollutants, and high-impact dyes). From curtains to pillows to bed-linens, you can go green with all of your fabric choices.

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Kitchens That Are Eco Friendly

We live in a green world. People are trying to undo the damage done to our planet. We recycle and try to use products that won’t harm the earth. It is very possible to be eco friendly when designing a kitchen.

Developing a Kitchen with Low Maintenance Recycled Products.

Designing an environmentally friendly kitchen is an easy way to remodel with numerous options. There are a large, growing variety of products made from recycled and sustainable materials that are both good for the environment and beautiful to see.

Homeowners may chose to use recycled glass for kitchen countertops. This very beautiful product is environmentally friendly and a popular choice with many top designers. There have been some concerns that the life span of the product is not as long as originally conceived, so do some homework before you make a commitment.

Eco-friendly floors and furniture can be produced through the use of Bamboo. Bamboo is the darling of the green set because it grows faster than any other wood-based plant life on earth. It is plentiful and sustainable and therefore a popular choice for homeowners. Many people are in the market for bamboo floors and are driving the price down. Homeowners can use eucalyptus or cork instead of bamboo.

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Make your blog carbon neutral!

Get Carbon Neutral With Stock Displays

Carbon Neutral Blogs is an initiative that has been set up by the guys here at Stock Displays with the aim of helping to make as many blogs carbon neutral as possible. The idea basically is that for every blog which mentions the initiative and adds a button to their sidebar or footer, Stock Displays will plant a tree for them – making their blog carbon neutral. It’s simple really, you do something for us and we do something for you!

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